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Top 10 Job Interview Tips

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Thursday 21 February 2013

Prior preparation is essential when it comes to interviews, and by going the extra mile to cater for any questions that you may be asked in an interview scenario, you can diminish the chances of being lost for words when the big day arrives. Let’s take a look at the top ten tried-and-tested interview tips.

Job Interview Tips

1. Prepare your answers. There are several key questions that you are likely to be faced with in any interview situation. Common questions tend to include ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’ and ‘why do you wish to work for our company?’. Take extra care to consider your answers to these questions beforehand and you should be able to answer confidently and convincingly.

2. Dress appropriately. This is essential for making a good impression and showing that you care about the role. Employers are always impressed by effort.

3. Research the company. The more you know, the more engaged you will appear.

4. Arrive well in advance. Leave home extra early in order to beat traffic. Punctuality is key.

5. Prepare questions for the interviewer. You’re bound to be asked if you have any questions. Declining to ask anything may make you appear uninterested in the company.

6. Maintain eye contact. Allowing your eyes to wander around the room whilst interviewers are speaking does not make you seem interested in a role and you will appear bored.

7. Smile. A long face won’t make you appear easy-going or approachable, or particularly employable.

8. Prepare examples of coping under pressure. Vague answers aren’t likely to impress, so think of detailed examples of overcoming trouble at work beforehand.

9. Speak clearly, coherently and confidently. Being under-confident, mumbling or talking at vast speeds won’t lead to them falling over themselves to take you on.

10. Ask for feedback. If your interview is not a success, asking why and adapting your interview techniques appropriately should increase your chances of being taken on after subsequent interviews.

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