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    Start-Up Stories - Duncan Bannatyne

    Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne’s business ascent certainly makes for an inspirational story. When Bannatyne was thrown out of the Royal Navy and sent to a military detention centre at the age of 19, the idea of him becoming one of the UK’s leading business personalities may have seemed a world away. Bannatyne spent the next ten years drifting from one dead-end job to another, until he moved to Stockton-On-Tees in the late 1970s,...More

    Top 10 Job Interview Tips

    Prior preparation is essential when it comes to interviews, and by going the extra mile to cater for any questions that you may be asked in an interview scenario, you can diminish the chances of being lost for words when the big day arrives. Let’s take a look at the top ten tried-and-tested interview tips. 1. Prepare your answers. There are several key questions that you are likely to be faced with in any interview situation. Common...More

    Top 10 Domain Sales

    Many fortunate people have made significant sums of cash through domain-flipping over the years. Becoming a domain flipper requires no special qualifications, just skilled foresight and a whole lot of luck. Simply by identifying a web domain that may come into use in the future, you stand an (albeit small) chance of making millions. The term ‘domain flipping’ is used to refer to the frequent lucrative buying and selling of domain na...More

    Have I found Lord Lucan?

    Portree's AROS centre has a Cafeteria with vast picture windows at which you may sit and sip, sup and stare at the beauty that is Loch Portree, Raasay and across the sea to the heights above Applecross, on the mainland. You can people-watch too. In such a small town - the only real one on a relatively small island, with a population of around 2,000 - you are pretty much going to spot everybody you know or recognise, one day or another....More

    What will life be like in 2063?

    Technological advancements have changed the way that we live our lives massively, and even over the last decade, services such as Facebook, smartphones and Wi-Fi have dramatically altered the way we communicate with each other, find out information and engage with the world around us. By 2063, it’s claimed by those in the know that the world’s population will stand at around 9 billion. Our life expectancies are likely to be remarkab...More

    Should I outsource my business's social media marketing?

    Social Media marketing has become a must in recent years for any business. If you are a start-up, trying to get your name 'out there', it is vital in terms of promotion of your service. For larger companies it is equally important as a tool for building relationships with your audience, and for the no-holds-barred customer feedback that you receive. The fact of the matter is that those who do not engage in a comprehensive social med...More

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